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Our Services

We put your business vision into ACTION.

Our Services

We put your business vision into ACTION.

Online Business Management

The role of an online business manager has been described as “the art and science of getting things done”. But we like to expand on that.

We do much more than get things done. We make a plan together for your growth and then we make it happen!

Our role in your organization is coordinator and facilitator. We make sure that all the details of running and building your business are planned for and accomplished. We manage all your tasks, milestones and team members and we keep you proactively informed.

We become a thought partner in your business, contributing years of experience working with successful entrepreneurs. Our marketing mindset constantly offers you new ways to promote your programs and services.

We manage all the areas that are so critical to running an online business:

• Online Marketing
• Customer Service
• Product Launches
• Book Self Publishing
• Team Coordination
• eCommerce / Shopping Cart
• Membership Programs
• Email Marketing Management

Project Management

Got a project you need to get done? We manage short term projects for entrepreneurs and online industry professionals.

Some of Our Recent Projects:
• Infusionsoft Nurture Sequence for a motivational speaker
• Marketing Implementation Plan (MAP) for a life coach
• Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) guide for a coaching business
• Google advertising campaign for a vacation rental business
• Social Media marketing plan for an event planner
• Mentoring Program launch for a career counselor
• Drupal to Infusionsoft data conversion for a life coach
• On Page search engine optimization for a fitness coach

Infusionsoft Specialist

To get the full benefit of Infusionsoft you’ve got to use it for more than just a broadcast email client. In the hands of the right operator, it is a tool that can significantly increase your profitability by keeping your prospects engaged and the sales cycle alive.

We offer stand alone management of your Infusionsoft account. We design and implement email marketing campaigns that uniquely target different segments of of your prospects with different marketing messages. And we keep your current clients engaged with members-only opportunities.

Our Services Include:
• Campaign Planning and Management
• Contact Management (Tag, Retag, Dedupe)
• Marketing Automation Plan (MAP) Implementation
• Automation Sequence Planning

Michael Stetina

Certified Online Business Manager
Certified Digital Marketing Manager

Wendy Lynn

Certified Online Business Manager

Online Business Managers © 2019

Online Business Managers © 2019