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We’re Experienced - We’ve been supporting the online community for over 8 years. We’ve implemented 6 figure product launches using funnel designs from Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and many others.

We’re Knowledgeable - We have hands-on experience with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, online sales, list management, landing pages, affiliate programs, metrics tracking…everything needed to manage and grow your online business.

We’re Dependable - We respond quickly! We understand that timely communications are key to keeping an online business flowing, especially during launches. We keep your operations moving and your milestones on track!

We’re Leaders Who Understand Business - We’ve been managing online and offline businesses for over 30 years. We apply proven systems that result in increased sales and greater profitability in your business.


Michael is a Rockstar!  He's the Tech MASTER and the ninja behind all of our online & event systems at Big Impact. Having someone who is the LEAD on Technology is like a dream come true... (truth be told, I call him my "Tech Hero" all the time ;)

He's knowledgeable, he's super responsive- and most of all he's a Leader. He understands how to effectively lead the team, so we don't have to micromanage everyone.  This provides more FREEDOM & Peace of Mind for us, knowing Michael has it handled!

He's always finding ways to streamline and automate our business. Best of all, we don't have to ask- he just does it. Voila, things are just handled.. it's like MAGIC!

We couldn't be happier. If you need expert technology help, he's your guy!!  Hire him right away!

Mark & Shannon
Mark & Shannon Big Impact Live

It is a rare experience to be thrilled with a vendor. Even more challenging than being thrilled with a vendor, it is that much more difficult to find a real partner in strategy, implementation, and thoughtfulness about what would serve us best. In Michael Stetina, we found not only a tremendous partner in success, we found a truly caring, competent, consistent advocate for our best interests, and an implementation expert. We are huge fans of Michael, both for what he did for us and how he did it. He is always cool, calm, collected and focused, even when driving big projects towards deadlines that matter. The best way to sum this up is to simply say that Michael is the best consultant we have ever found and worked with.

Steve Lishansky
Steve Lishansky The Ultimate Sales Revolution

If I had to sum up my experience working with Michael in a couple of words, the two that stand out the most are knowledgeable and dependable. Michael worked on my team as my technical online business manager, helping particularly with my clients' websites and Infusionsoft. What I probably loved most about working with him was that when the ball (a project) was passed to him, I could rely on Michael to consult with me on it, take responsibility for it, and finish it on time. When I got it back, I would know exactly where we stand. If there were problems, he would offer solutions -- which was so valuable to me. Michael has a mind for business, all things technical, AND he knows internet marketing very well. I really enjoyed working with Michael, and he was a terrific asset to my team!

Charla Mahon
Charla Mahon We Manage Your Biz

Michael is phenomenal! I wish everyone was as knowledgeable and reliable as his is. I always know that if I assign a task to him it will be done quickly and better than expected! He is also great at finding solutions that work as well as supporting other team members. If I could clone him.... I would! Thanks Michael for not only being a team player but a leader!

Darbie Bufford
Darbie Bufford Virtual Solutions By Darbie

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